At McHenry Architecture, our planning services are linked to the fundamental principles of good urban design, the purpose of which is to increase the quality of life for those in the designed environment. This is achieved by a creative synthesis of a broad range of forces that shape the public realm.  This work is performed by the collaboration of an interdisciplinary team of designers with the community and with the project developers. Good planning requires that those involved define the project, identify the participants, create a set of key milestones and establish the core challenges and goals. An analysis of these issues leads to the articulation of a vision that then becomes a plan. The plan may be in the form of a written report that includes a variety of graphic techniques and materials, including maps and sketch designs. Each project is judged by its ability to create an ordered set of recommendations and design parameters that is cohesive, compelling and achievable. 

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New Design

We begin the process of design by a thorough assessment of the needs and capabilities of our clients. This assessment is expanded by the analysis of the project site or by an evaluation of master planning options. This innovative process requires multidisciplinary collaboration, including key stakeholders and design professionals, from concept to completion with the goal of creating a next generation building that works together in harmony. We use a variety of media to describe the design options or the design intent of each project. As a result, each design is a cooperative effort that comes from our creative experience and that of our clients. Areas of expertise that characterize our current work are the principles embodied in the practice of Sustainable Design and our work in Historic Preservation and Adaptive Re-use.

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We at McHenry Architecture have significant experience with a wide range of historic preservation and adaptive re-use projects. The process begins by considering all the available evidence pertaining to the project and the condition of the building. The historic significance of the building is then evaluated relative to its proposed use and its overall value to the owner and the community. Design strategies are developed to protect and enhance the property as much as possible within the context of the owner’s goals. We have had considerable success in the difficult task of designing new buildings within historic neighborhoods. Our work is consistent with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties and is continually tested by the numerous presentations before historic district boards for projects large and small.



At McHenry Architecture we apply creative and technical solutions that are functional, attractive and beneficial to the occupants' quality of life and culture. Designs respond to and coordinate with the building shell and acknowledge the physical location and social context of the project. Our designs process adheres to code and regulatory requirements while encouraging the principles of environmental sustainability.
In addition, we coordinate and collaborate with other allied design professionals who may be retained to provide consulting services such as structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical engineering, as well as various specialty consultants. We oversee the project from start to finish ensuring that the design intent is successfully achieved.