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Smuttynose Brewing Co.

Hampton, NH

2015 AIA NH Excellence in Architecture Peoples Choice Award

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LEED Gold Certified

LEED Gold Certification targeted




Photography: David J. Murray,



Smuttynose Brewing Company has recently completed the first phase of construction of its new brewery designed by McHenry Architecture. Located on Towle Farm Road in Hampton, NH, the project will result in a LEED-certified facility that will greatly increase the efficiency and capacity for the production of its award-winning brews with the ability to expand capacity when needed. The fourteen acre property and former site of the historic Towle Farm will be transformed into a state-of-the-art brewery complex. Integral to the design of the brewery is the preservation of the existing barn for future use and the relocation of the Victorian era farmhouse to be renovated for use as a restaurant along the eastern slope of the site.

The main brewery building (34,425sf) consists of complete facilities for the brewing, bottling, storing and shipping of Smuttynose beers and will include offices, a gift shop and an entry gallery that will allow the public to view the operations and take tours of the facility. 

Great care has been taken to minimize the impact of the building on the site. Vehicular access, circulation and parking is carefully considered within the greater landscape design, which preserves open space and the historic nature of the site.

The facility is also designed to include an on-site renewable energy system, powered by the recycled waste product of the brewing process.   An anaerobic biomass digester tank captures waste water from brewing and produces methane gas that powers an on-site electric generator. 

In general, the design has evolved from its context, such that the building form is in the agrarian vernacular while its function is modern, efficient and environmentally responsible. The owners and the entire design team remain committed to the principles of sustainable design throughout the design, construction, and operation of the facility. 

What Smuttynose Brewing Co. says about us

“Their staff has been extremely responsive to our needs, having taken the time to understand both our business and our vision. I recommend them highly.”