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Portsmouth, NH

Rendering: Richard Desjardins

As the first micro-housing project of its kind in Portsmouth this project faced many battles. From the inception the biggest hurdle for the design team to jump through was parking. After several iterations of trying to fit parking spots on the site the team opted to file for a Parking Conditional Use Permit. The argument was successful and were able to come away with no on-site parking allowing the team to provide a large retail unit on the ground floor and 21 residential units all under 500 SF. Each unit will be provided with several amenities such as storage lockers, outdoor space, bike storage, and a lobby with several building wide community initiatives. 

Fitting a bedroom within most units was a goal of the owners and the design team was able to achieve this in 19 of the 21 units. Storage and privacy is key in micro-housing and providing ample closet, counter, and cabinet storage in all rooms while attempting to make several features and spaces multi-functioning was a challenge. After meeting the clients goals for the interior facing the Historic District was multi-month task that produced the project as seen above.