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Hyder Court

Portsmouth, NH

2015 AIA NH Excellence in Architecture Merit Award

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2014 Visualizing Density Award for Urban Infill

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Photography: Carabell Photography

This multifamily residential development project in Portsmouth, NH is sited on a transitional site between a dense residential neighborhood and the mixed use commercial zone near the Portsmouth traffic circle. Hyder Court is a housing development comprising of a total of 6 apartment units in two separate buildings located at 677 Dennett Street at the corner of Woodbury Avenue. The design of the apartment buildings endeavors to develop the site in a way that is equitable to both the community and the property owner. The objective is to create an efficient and well-planned site and buildings that will provide much-needed housing while enhancing the existing neighborhood.

Each L-shaped building responds to its respective corner lot creating a variety of unit types for the owner. The use of a connector element, comprised of circulation, defines the building form and reduces the scale facade to a familiar proportion to that of a single family residence. The shed style single slope roof creates an exciting roof form that also directs the water and snow away from the building entrance and connects to rainwater management system. The use of rain gardens and bio-swales will reduce the stormwater runoff from the site.