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Arbor View
Portsmouth, NH


Renderings: Shaun Donnelly


Arbor View is an existing apartment complex in Portsmouth, NH.  The owner’s overall goal for the project was to provide much needed housing to the city while maintaining the character of the original development and increasing the density with an infill type project. Between two newly constructed buildings, McHenry was able to fit 42 residential units ranging between two and three bedrooms. At 53,226 gross square feet, every unit was provided a private outdoor space and a large contemporary kitchen which were both essential to the owner. This project was put out to bid shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic which inevitably put it on hold for a year. After awarding the project to DEW Construction, it was all hands on deck to help value engineer the project back within the client’s budget while fighting labor shortages, supply chain problems, and price escalation.

The project design team included Summit Engineering who designed the wood framed structure, Altus Engineering who provided the civil engineering, and Seacoast Consulting Engineers for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design. Throughout construction, Robert Cummings & Associates assisted with the life safety design.