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180 Middle Street

Portsmouth, NH

2019 Portsmouth Advocates Recognition Award


Design Intent - The design intent of the project was to convert the three-story historic single family residence and carriage house into a condominium of five units, with four units in the main house and one in the carriage house.  It was critical that the work was done to repair the exterior of both buildings in a manner consistent with the original period of the structures.  The design process included an extensive analysis and documentation of the existing conditions of the site and buildings in order to create an appropriate plan for treating exterior and interior architectural elements. 

Larkin-Rice House Summary Description of Significance and History

National Register of Historic Places Nomination Form, certified as approved – 1979


“This three-story brick house stands about 100 feet from the main street of Portsmouth and occupies about 2/3 of an acre. It is of outstanding architectural design with five Palladian windows recessed within brick relieving arches in the upper and lower stories.  The house is square, with a simple classical cornice; rising above the roof are four chimneys and a widow's walk. The covered walk at the rear of the house once had a covered portion extending from the house to the stables, but this was removed about 1900 when an extensive restoration took place following a change of ownership….The only outbuilding, a stable and carriage house, remains unaltered. It has two horse stalls and a loft upstairs. The former ice house and well house were removed about 1900.”

What 180 Middle Street says about us

“"The McHenry Architecture Team is a joy to work with. I am in the midst of wrapping up my second project with them and their expertise and knowledge (especially from a Historical Perspective) has been invaluable. They have worked and guided us through the initial Land Use board meetings until the final recorded plans. I highly recommend them to anyone and truly appreciate the patience, flexibility and assistance they have provided to our projects."”